CMS page with background image and video

Hi Everyone,

I am using a background image for a CMS page. I would like for some of the collection pages to have videos instead of the image. How can I achieve this? (The video is hosted in Youtube and Google Drive).

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Hey @clevy

You can use a bg video element and you can use a filter IF SET. All CMS items with bg video set will show the video.

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

@PiterDimitrov A background video requires a uploaded file. I will need different videos to show if there is one for a specific CMS entry/page.

I believe this can be accomplished using custom code and binding the video link from CMS (hosted on Vimeo).

Can anyone help with the code used to achieve this?

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Hey @clevy

Ou yeaaa…bg video. Check this > CMS Video Background using Custom Code

or this > Is it possible to have a BG video component as a cms item?

this one too >

@PiterDimitrov Thank you for the resources.