CMS Splide - Multiple Splides not working!

HELP! I would like to have 2 splides work concurrently on the same page. I used Splidejs. But after duplicating the first working splide, the second one doesn’t seem to be working at all( not paginating, not displaying different amount of cms items, nothing at all). It displays on the UI but nothing more than that. I changed the class name of the second splide to “splide2” and even added a second instance in the splidejs code(with the proper “splide.mount” code as well).

Here is the read-only link:

Published site to see malfunctioning second splide:

Has someone ever had this problem too?

Hey, did you find a solution? @Dodo_Tori

Are you having issues with multiple splides? If you provide a read-only, there’s a better chance someone can help!