CMS Slider with extra empty slide

Hello there!
I’m new to webflow Forum but I already use it sometimes since two or three years. I’m actually trying to do my friend portfolio website without custom code, only with the free version of webflow and I have some problems and questions during this quest!

First problem I have, and I’ve seen other persons also haved, is an extra empty slide which comes at the end of my slider. I’ve read approximately all the topics on this subject and all the topics and videos about slider with cms data but I have the impression that no solution without custom code has been found on these topics.

So I was wondering that if someone knows now a solution to delete or don’t show this extra slide.
I’ve already try to add a conditional visibility but it doesn’t work :disappointed:

My slider work with several image fields wich are into a cms collection.
I hope I haven’t miss the solution if it exists, and if it’s not, I hope this topic can help each other!

I’m sorry if there is some mistakes in my explanations, I’m come from France and my english can be really bad :grin:

Thank you in advance for your help!


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