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CMS slider pagination problem – refreshes page

My client has their reviews in a CMS, so we’d like to have a slider that rotates 4 at a time. Problem is that the slider element doesn’t work with a CMS, so the workaround is using pagination. I thought this would work because in the designer it’s perfect, but once I publish you can see that it refreshes the full page to go to the next 4 reviews. Any ideas on how to make a slider function with a CMS… OR make pagination not refresh the whole page?

Video showing the problem:

Here is my public share link:

Take a look at this might be useful


Saw that thanks! Unfortunately I don’t think this works when the slider has multiple CMS items per slide. There are 4 reviews on Desktop and 1 review per slide on mobile.

I would love to be able to keep it the way I have now if the page just wouldn’t refresh every time I clicked to the next 4 reviews! Not sure why it does that instead of just animating to the next slide.

Did you look at the CMS slider from fin sweet?

I used this fix so that when you click “next” or “previous” the user doesn’t go back to the top of the page Creating a seamless pagination experience in Webflow - YouTube

How did you get your testimonials to display 4 on desktop and 1 on mobile using pagination?

Hey Michelle,

I ended up turning my testimonials into symbols and putting 1 in each slide. Then doing overrides on that testimonial symbol for each customer.

On desktop, the width of each slide is 33%, and on mobile it’s 100%.

I recorded a Loom video to show you how here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

holy macaroons, I needed this, thank you!