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CMS Schema City Specific Pages Not Working


I can not figure out how to add schema to my cms collection page. I have had success adding it to static pages in the Before </body> tag.

I tried searching the forum for this problem, but could not find it.

Read only LINK

Website LINK

CMS Collection: Cities

CMS Collection Page: Cities Template

This is how I am trying to add schema to the cms collections page.

  1. I created a plain text collection field. I then inputted the schema into the field.


  1. Then I added the collection field to “Before </body> tag”.


  1. This is the result at the bottom of my cms collection page.

I checked my schema at and the code looks correct.

If anybody has any idea how to get schema to work for my collection page it would be appreciated!

Hello @granders

You need to add the code that you have in your collection field “before tag” directly to your custom code of that collection and use the dynamic values to change the schema result.

Here’s a small video adding the value name to the code, you can get the idea of what I’m saying there and then customise your collection with the fields you need to add the information you need to each one of your collection items

You make it look so simple. Thank you so much it makes sense now! Hope you have a good rest of your day!!

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I’m glad I was able to help you. Have a good one yourself as well!