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CMS pagination (Next Button disappeared)

Hey Guys, Hope you guys are doing well, I am trying to add pagination to my Blogs and seems like The Next Button is not showing up. Not sure what the problem, Can someone help me out with it.

Picture 1 show 1st pagination

Picture 2 show how it looks like in 2nd but without next Button

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Can you share your preview link with us?

That is very weird indeed. Can’t find anything wrong at first glance. Seems like a bug - you might want to contact Webflow about this :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too everything was working fine. Do you know how should i contact webflow, Should i write an email or do they have any platform ? Thanks for you help really appreciated


I’m also having issues with pagination… neither of the two button appears on the live site.

Here’s the read-only URL

I have sent an email to support, I will let you know if i got any replay from them. Mean while i will wait for other community member to help us out.

I actually have this problem too ! I thought I was going crazy, previous and next buttons disappeared from my shop when I was sure that it was there and working.
I tried to look at my backups and even up to 2 months ago it just don’t seem to be anywhere now.
Looked at the template of the website, it even doesn’t appear on the template page anymore.
Someone got a staff response on this ?

Same for me, “Next” button just disappeared on this page —

We need your help @webdev.

Yup, wrote to support too, since it seems to be a more system-wide error …

The same problem… I hope they solve soon, since I have a job board…

All of my projects are missing pagination too all of a sudden

Same issue here. The pagination Next button disappeared.

Glad to see others are having this issue, I was going crazy thinking I broke something :joy:


I just got back an email from Webflow support


Thanks so much for reaching out about the issues you’re having with pagination. I’m happy to help!

Thanks so much for reporting this issue. I have alerted the team and they’re now working on a solution for this issue.

I can’t provide a timeline for when a fix will be available, but someone from the team will reach back out as soon as we know more.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and I’ll be happy to assist you further!

All the best,

I will let you guys know about it


I have the same issue but in my case both buttons are disappeared. Here is my link: LINK

Thanks for letting us know, Ben!

Looks like the Page Count is missing too. Glad someone posted about this I thought I was going crazy.

Same issue here!

Not showing next button and page count.

Same issue here. Next button is missing!