CMS multi-image lightbox with captions

hi everyone,

so im trying to create a custom lightbox on the page “sammlung”

with cms and a caption pulled from the alt text of the picture (which is pulled from airtable through zapier).
followed nelsons tutorial Create CMS multi-image lightbox with captions - Webflow Tutorial (2021) - YouTube (thank you a lot for the help so far :). the lightbox works, but i cant say if any of the code is doing something. am i adressing wrong elements in the code?
also i thought it would be very nice to do a step-by step here together (sorry if i didnt find the right one).
thanks in advance for any input and i wish you all a great one :slight_smile:


This may help with that: Screen Recording 2022-01-31...

thank you a lot for your time and help, i’m not getting a syntax error anymore, though it is still not pulling neither picture nor text.
new jquery exception:

jQuery.Deferred exception: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘_persistentUIState’) TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘_persistentUIState’)
at window.WebflowEditor (
at Object. (
at e (
at t ( undefined

will further investigate :slight_smile:

wow finally made it work with a few tweaks. as i dont need the photo strip row in lightbox, i removed it from the code. thank you nelson, you just helped me finish my first client project, you made my day :).