CMS multi-image lightbox with captions - reloaded!

Hello Webflow Community!

I have been searching for days to find a solution, and then stumbled across Nelson’s video on the CMS multi-image lightbox with captions! Thanks a lot for that :wink:

For some reason however, I can’t get it to work. It just does not display the enlarged, clicked image, and neither shows me any alt-text - I also saw somebody else had a similar problem to me a few days ago (CMS multi-image lightbox with captions), but sadly the solution for that didn’t help me, inspection didn’t point me to any syntax error.

I’m quite sure it’s something very elemental I must have overlooked, but I just can’t figure out the issue after having checked a multitude of times already.

Accusamus → It’s far from finished and very much a WIP but it’s about the images in the lower end of the center column. The “accusamus” cms-entry is the only one on which I set alt-texts / captions so far.

Read-only link is here.

Thank you all very much in advance & best regards

hi morth,
i feel you :).

if i get nelsons tut right, he uses the cms element class to trigger the click and pull information. try using “image-wrapper-news” and “lightbox-image-wrapper” instead of “lightbox-thumbnail” and “lightbox-image-thumbnail”. other than that, i cant find any errors, also just starting out ^^. i didnt get the first argument to work for some reason, maybe you could also combine them into one whilst keeping the image strip in lightbox…
wish you the best, tell me how it goes :slight_smile:


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Hi Nathanael!

Thanks a bunch - I actually tried your suggestion and it worked like a charm. I watched the Video like five times and couldn’t figure that out.
A big thumbs up and loads of good fortune on your own project!


nice, good job! yeah is switching back and forth with label names in the ending, bit tricky :P. you too, i wish you great fun!


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