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CMS member onklick change


before i start to explane, im sorry for my english “skills” ^-^
so i want to make a about us section and when i click on a person, then a bigger img will change in the box next to it, with the description.

(yellow the interaction section, where the user can be selected / blue the display section)

can you help me?

Thank you


Welcome to Webflow, the interaction you would like is pretty simple - and there literally infinite ways to animate something like this. That being said - I made a little example for you. You can open it up and see how it works…

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Hello, Thank you very mutch. it was a big help.
But how can i integrate the context from the CMS?
Becuase at the Interaction section i cant chose from the CMS db, only the class.


Check out the webflow university to learn more about CMS.

Hope this helps!