CMS lists and SEO duplicate pages issues - canonical

Hi Webflow people, I’m hoping to get some clarity and a better understanding on an issue an SEO agent has asked about for one of our websites.

The SEO agent has sent through a spread sheet with a large number of pages listed and says, 'The reasons according to Google Search Console is “Duplicate without user-selected canonical” ’ - so they need rel=“canonical” tags added. The attached screenshot gives you an idea of the list contents.

Pretty much all of the pages listed in the screenshot above are collection managed pages outputting lists that are the result of some filter/categorizing selection process - so they are not actually hardcoded pages as such (though I understand the concept that Google sees them as real URLs) - also many of the listed pages are pagination pages of a category with many items.

The site is using Webflow’s Global canonical tool, as seen in the following screenshot.

Do I need to do more or have I done enough? Is this an SEO situation that can be ignored? (Webflow’s explanation as to what the Global canonical tool is doing is a bit vague - does this work in conjunction with the sitemap?)
If I need to do more, what should I do? Will adding rel=canonical to the template head make any difference?

Collection generated output lists pages, from an SEO perspective, how important are these? can they be ignored if everything else is as it should be?

Hope I’ve made sense and I hope somebody can add some clarity to these issues.


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Hi Grant, kia ora.

That setting is creating the canonical link in every page, however Google ( and especially SEO tools ) are fairly strict about what they’re expecting.

Here’s your homepage’s canonical link for example;

<link href="" rel="canonical"/>

However your actual homepage is here, with the www. subdomain.

Yeah that’s minor, but a lot of SEO tools care, and my guess is that’s why it thinks it’s seeing duplicate content.

Try changing your Canonical Link setting to;

With the www. but without an ending /. Webflow will add the path part for every page automatically.

Kia ora Michael,
I’ll try that, thank you!