CMS Listing only showing about half the items

I am new to Webflow, from Wordpress and having trouble with my CMS collection. I have around 18 items in the collection with a featured switch. Around 8 are set to be featured on the home page and I have the same collection on a Works page that should show all 18 or so items, however it is only showing certain items. I have tried adding the collection with no filter for the featured items, tried adding another switch for works and had them ALL switched to on on that one. Any ideas to get all the items to show would be greatly appreciated as this is the only roadblock I have to launching the site. Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link

Hey Kyle,
I can point you in the right direction-

  • On your homepage, your collection list is filtered to Featured, so you’re getting about 8 items
  • On your Works page, it’s filtered to Works, so you’re getting 18 items
  • The difference in display on your Works page is due to your horizontal scroll, not the collection list

Unfortunately I haven’t messed with h-scroll setups, so I can’t give you much advice there.
I’d check your container setup to see if it’s somehow truncating the view to 8 or so items.