CMS Linking Issue - CMS item links go to wrong CMS page - Due to Similar CMS Item Titles

Hi Webflow Community,

I’m experiencing an issue on my site related to a CMS collection and how links behave for items with similar titles, and I’m hoping to get some insights or solutions.

Here’s what I’m facing:

  • On my homepage, I display a series of items from a CMS collection I called “Portfolio Projects”, each item links to its own unique page within the site.
  • I’ve noticed a problem where clicking on one item redirects to the page of another item, specifically when these items have very similar starting titles.
  • I confirmed the issue is tied to the titles’ similarity by changing one item’s title in the CMS, which then resolved the redirection error.

This situation leads me to believe there’s a hiccup with how Webflow processes links for CMS items when their titles are closely alike.

Has anyone encountered a similar challenge or knows of a workaround? I’m particularly interested in any adjustments I can make to either the item titles or the linking setup to prevent this from happening.

Hi everyone,

Update on the CMS link issue: It’s confirmed to be a Designer-only glitch. Links work as intended on the published site, so it doesn’t affect site visitors. If you’re seeing similar problems, check your site’s live version. Webflow is looking into it.