CMS link not wokring

I’ve installed the Gravity CMS template recently, and after deleting the Team Members and adding in my own, the CMS does not seem to be picking up the content for me.

Here is the public link to my page:

The content should be picking up “Team Members” CMS data to the “Our Team” page…but it’s not linking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

It is working. But I think you meant the design are missing right? Cuz I added some element in and it’s all working fine.

If you want the previous design to showcase your team, you need to copy the parent item structure and paste it into the item list. Then just select and pick what data to pull. Here’s just a quick example.

Thanks @alexanderwong - I’ve had a crack at fixing it, but was not sure what happened to the original format, as I purchased the Gravity template which had it already formatted.