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CMS hover image swap

Hi guys, Not sure if this should be in the CMS or Design section but going with CMS.

What I want is, basically I have a CMS list linked to some pictures of products… on hover i want the pictures to fade into the second picture of the product, but obviously cms pictures override any other background so that wont work. What method could work for this ? Any ideas ?

Also is it possible to import a cms list of items into a drop down, when ever i do import text it just goes blank ! Help would be appreciated !

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Place another div inside, and covering the existing image using absolute. Add hover state to fade the opacity to 0 on hover of the top layer.

No interaction needed.


This is too vague. Yes you can use custom code.

Hmm… not sure if this will work with that im saying just because that means that the second image become the first image and then reveals the second image which is the main image now. Meaning, image 1. is the on i want as a main and image 2 i want to appear when on hover. The way you’re saying it is image 2 becomes main image and image 1 becomes secondary unless im getting confused ?? also yeah i thought the drop downs might be a bit vague. but thought that might be a separate question.