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CMS Flex with Edge to Edge Content

I am working on a new site for a venue and I would like to have a flexbox for my CMS content where the content goes edge to edge with even space in between. The only issue is that when I do this, when the flexbox doesn’t have 3 pieces of content in it, it leaves a big wide space in the middle, as is shown at the bottom of the page that I linked (the events page).

Can anyone help with this?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


In flex box, use “justify - start” instead of “justify - space between”. for space between items use the item’s margin. hope its help :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding. The issue is that I really WANT it to be justified as space in between so that the content is hugged up to each left and right edge. That’s the way it was intended to be designed. I can’t really get the same effect from using margins because the calculations won’t be correct.

It may be helpful to review the flex-box display model.