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CMS Filtering in Tabs, help

I’m utilizing the tabs component for portfolio content. The tabs will contain the Categories. First tab is labeled “ALL” , second tab “Medical”, third tab “Industrial”, and so on…
Do I have to drag in a new list and recreate the layout under each tab? Or is there a way I can duplicate the layout/design in all the tabs and then have the CMS filter what is shown based off of the category?
I’ve copied my collection list from “ALL” and pasted it into the next tab, but it seems if I try to filter it, it also changes the content on the other tabs as well.

Any Ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Syndicate15, Will easier if you share your project or do screenshots.
but let see if I can help

Do I have to drag in a new list and recreate the layout under each tab?
Each tab connected to the data in your collection and sounds that you are copying or duplicating the data from the same collection.

Is better to add new collection list and after you add the text link, image or whatever element, select reference “Medical” to pull the data from that collection.

I hope this help.

I’m utilizing the Tabs component as you can see in the screenshot above. In this current screenshot the Tab “ALL” is selected and that tab will reflect all of the collective works from each of the other tabs.

I am now at a point where I plan to fill the other tabs with content (HR/Recruitment/Industrial/Medical/Lifestyle/Other) and I would like those tabs to only pull in the respective works for those categories each tab reflects.

Do I need to drag in a new list into each tab pane and recreate the same 3 column layout before utilizing the CMS to fill it with data? I can do that, yes. Just wondering if there’s a way I can pull in my design without having to recreate the entire thing in each tab, if that makes sense.

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