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(CMS) Dynamic List – Select Box

Hello, I haven`t found solution to this. However if you have, please feel free to lock this post with link to solution.

What am i trying to achieve.

  1. I have CMS Collection with dynamic number of categories.
  2. I need to create Form Select Field that includes all items within the CMS Collection.

I cannot insert collection into HTML Embed
I cannot insert collection list into Form Select Field

Im trying to replicate this with dynamic listo of categories

My question is, is there any workaround that im missing, or any feature that i am not aware of?
Jan Sedláček

Are you trying to just get the cms categories into the dropdown or create an isotope type filtering?

I have created isotope filtering.
I simply need CMS Collection List inside Select Box – for responsive version.
Thus I need to include all CMS Items inside Select Box.

To clarify:
For responsive version, I need the Collectin List to be inside Select Box for user friendly experience.
Number of Collection Items is variable.

Got it. So you need to code that in either in the before the body part or with a dynamic embed. Just simple selecting the select box and adding in the items you need. If you can’t do it should take a developer less than an hour.

I dont know what you mean by Dynamic Embed. But you cannot insert collection list inside HTML Embed Component as far as I know.

But I have no idea how to add all items from CMS Collection inside select box through javascript. Do you have particular method of achieving it?

Ok, there is no no-code workaround.

The solution is through javascript unwrapAll() collection items. Then wrap() them with select tag.
Pretty advanced for someone with no coding experience. But did manage to execute it.

My colleague was able to figure this out with custom code in an embed element and dynamic fields. Here’s the code he wrote:

<label class="radio-button-field w-radio">
<div class="w-form-formradioinput w-form-formradioinput--inputType-custom custom-radio w-radio-input">
<input type="radio" data-name="account-manager" id="radio" name="Account Manager" value="**dynamic-cms-field**" style="opacity:0;position:absolute;z-index:-1">
<span id="radio-label" class="w-form-label">{{wf **dynamic-cms-field**</span>