Alternate item order in collection list

Hey guys!

On the overview page of one of my collection lists, I have each item looking like this:

I am trying to change the order so odd items stay the same, and even items have the picture on the left side and the text on the right - and always like that, alternating. Does someone know how to do this? I’ve been trying, but I need help to get through.

Many thanks in advance!

Read-only link (check page called “Industries”):

in collection
select the collection item element
click on the class.
you will see this

you will be able to change the design on odd or even elements…

have fun

Hey Romuald!

I tried that, but it doesn’t allow me to change the image to the left and the text to the right. It only allows me to change typefaces, colors, add borders, things like that :frowning:

You can do that as well, but you do not want a Quickstack for that, you want a DIV set to flex layout.

Omg thank you thank you!!!