Bullet Points not showing up in Webflow CMS

Hello Webflow Community!


I’ve run into a new issue when using Airtable Scripts and / or Make to push Rich Text content into my Webflow CMS.

Bullet point content is blank in the Webflow CMS. But, the bullet points and related text does appear on the live, published web page*.

Image A: Space reserved for bullet points appearing blank in the CMS.

Image B: Preview of bullet point content served from this same CMS field, which appears to be present (until updated via the CMS.)*

*Once I click into the rich text field within the Webflow CMS (to add images, for example), the entire space that is being reserved for the blank bullet points disappears. If I then publish that update, the bullet points have been deleted from the live, published web page.

All other (supported) rich text content appears fine (bold, headers, links, quotes).

I’ve tested this through Airtable Scripts (inputting HTML directly into the Airtable text field) and through a Make/Integromat Markdown to HTML conversion (inputting rich text directly into the Airtable text field, then having Make convert it on the way to Webflow).

Any ideas?

Hi Nathan, welcome to the forum!

This is a known quirk with HTML being set via the Webflow API instead of being composed directly into the Webflow Editor. For some reason, the Webflow Editor doesn’t always display it correctly.

I’ve seen it 100s of times with my customers when they use PowerImporter to sync Airtable to Webflow. But, since they are using Airtable as their single source of truth, it doesn’t matter how the Webflow Editor displays the HTML. :person_shrugging: