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Closing tags in custom code caused live site to not render


I had a website yesterday… today it won’t load :confused:


loading for me

Not the project - the published page doesn’t load anything

oh… ok. I don’t know the what published url is.
So I cannot test that.
But I’ve seen a couple other posts
where people have complained about publishing their sites
and it taking upwards of 4 to 5 minutes to be live.

Perhaps… this is the same issue.

the 2nd link. it’s up there

ok… so. Verified. That published site is blank.

but there is code there…

so something trying to load…

Since that’s the case… there must be something breaking. Is there any custom code you are using ?

I see particles.js. Maybe it’s not implemented correctly.

Try (temporarily) removing particles and republish. See if the site loads after that.

weird. it was fine yesterday and I did not touch it since

interesting that there are no console errors.
It’s as if the site never crashed. More like it never actually loaded.

I removed the scripts completely

the 404 page IS loading fine

This is a react site ?
There is basically nothing inside the loom-container.

what is a react site?

I tried cloning the site, deleting everything and building a simple div and a button - still wont work.

ok… ignore the react question.
I thought you were using react… but apparently not.
Strange that the site does contain code…
but within the console all I see is the loom-container
which doesn’t appears in the code.



I don’t even see that.
only an empty body :scream:

HI @avivtech

Thanks for posting about this – definitely weird behavior!

I looked through your site and it looks like there is some custom CSS in your home page that has a small typo for the closing tag.

As of a couple weeks ago, we’ve gone hands off with custom code (read more here).

Mainly this change affects closing tags for custom code – before the Designer would check custom code and embeds to make sure there were the correct closing tags but this was causing more harm than good in some cases. This is most likely why the site was working fine before the change was implemented.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

that was fast.
Thank you @Revolution and @Brando for your help !!!

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