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Custom code causing publish to not work

Hello community-

I recently jumped back into one of my projects to build a new content block for a site, and when I publish it for testing it’s displaying a blank page. I tried reverting to a backup and republishing, and it is still displaying as a blank page. A month or so ago this wasn’t an issue for me. Is there something going on here? Yes the site has interactions!

Tried changing the domain name also


I had exactly the same issue. Make sure you’ve connected it to the domain, I’d say give it 20mins. Although my first publishing still wasn’t working from the night before so, if its first might take a few hours (mine works completely fine now).

Hi @designstar101 and @Dids

I think these may be two different issues - with @designstar101 - referring to the webflow .io link? @Dids referring to a custom domain i’m guessing?

The webflow .io should be instant, the custom domain might take time to propagate if it’s recently added.

@Brando is this related to problems earlier in the week - or isolated?

I’ll move this to Bugs for now…

Yup, mine was an old domain but obviously new CNAME through webflow. The SSL took a few hours to connect, so fingers crossed you’ll be alright tomorrow morning. If not, maybe take it higher.:+1:t5:

Hi @designstar101 @StuM

Thanks for moving this to bugs – it definitely looks like it could be one. I don’t think it’s related to the issues earlier in the week, but it’s tough to say for sure.

I did a quick search for that site but it looks like it doesn’t exist in our system. @designstar101 can you grab a fresh version of the url? Can you also please share a Read-Only link?

​Thanks in advance!

Hey Brando-

Thanks for the response. Turns out there was an update at some point, and a custom code snippet broke the whole project. I removed the custom code snippet and it works fine again. Thank you!


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