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Close modal interaction does not work


So I am having trouble making a simple close modal interaction work on my ‘X’ element (a link element), on ‘Use Cases’ page.

Here is the preview link: Please go to the ‘Use Cases page’.

So originally, the modal wrapper I created was put outside of use case containers. I can click on the case snippet block to show it and click the ‘X’ sign at the top of the modal to hide it.

Now, I want to duplicate these use case snippet and their accompanying modals, thus I need to put modal inside the use case container so that the show modal interaction can work only on nested elements. And I did so. Now, the show modal interaction works, but the hide modal interaction stops working. However I click the ‘X’ sign it just does not work.

@Waldo suggested that it could be conflict of interaction. But I have a strange feeling that this interaction is not properly registered with the ‘X’ sign.

Could you take a look into this, or share some of your experiences? Thanks!

Update: If I put the modal wrapper inside the case-study-intro-1, the ‘X’ does not work. But wherever else I put it, it will work. — Does this imply anything?

Here is my public share link:
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