Cloning project issue (subdomain already taken)

Hello everybody,

This is my first time writing for this forum, I hope to do it correctly. Here’s my problem:

I just created my account and signed up for the freelancer plan, and when I go to clone a project a modal appears saying the following: “That subdomain is already taken! Try a different one.” Even if I change the name, I still can’t clone any project.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

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Hi Abner, might be a glitch, just retry later.
Otherwise, I’d disable browser extensions and clear the cache, those might interfere with the API interactions. I typically see those kinds of problems more often in the designer as it’s much more complex, but could happen in your site dashboard as well.

Thanks for the anwser,

I’ve been trying for 3 days and still can’t do it. I’ve cleared my browser cache, tried a different browser, but nothing works. Could it be something related to my subscription? Or some pre-configuration?

Note: I created the account and haven’t configured anything yet.

I’m having the exact same problem. I’m trying to clone the relume starter project and get that error.

I recommend that you open a trouble ticket with the Webflow support team.

I am also facing this issue. Do we have any solution for this?