Error with clone

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to design my website but I keep runinng into some kind of problem.

I’m trying to clone a site: LINK

But when I do, I always get an error message stating “That subdomain is already taken. Try a different one.”
I already tried renaming the site several times but the error still occures.

I’m running the CMS plan of Webflow but I can’t get it to work with any site. The site isn’t published yet so it is still running on the webflow subdomain.

Any ideas on how I can solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hey motti,

I am facing the same problem. Did you manage to resolve it somehow?


No, I’m sorry.
The problem still occures.

Same here. I’ve been trying a whole day today. Don’t really know the reason of it.

I have the same problem, is there a solution yet?

EDIT: I just noticed that I seem to have just reached my Freelancer Workspace Plan limit for unhosted projects and it seems to have just displayed the wrong error message.

VERIFY your Email, by clicking the blue bunner on the top of Dashboard, if it not there than close webflow tab in browser and open it again. That solved the problem