Cloned project animated elements are not moving!

Hey there! I’m quite new to Webflow, need some help to clone a project and copy it to another project.

I tried to copy and paste below clonable project, and the custom code does not seem to work:T.RICKS Bubbles - Webflow

When pasted — the scale of elements were modified automatically, and the animated elements stopped moving. I checked the embedded html from ‘global’ div and custom code used before tag, and still can’t figure out what is causing this issue.

Any suggestions to make it work?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Did you clone the project, or just copied and pasted some of its elements? If it’s the latter then you’ve probably left some custom code and/or IX behind

Thanks you for answering.

I first cloned the project(T.RICKS Bubbles) and copied the entire page elements from it to use for another project(the read-only link attached.)

If I left some custom code or IX, is there a way to check what I’m missing and modify?

There are 3 possible areas where custom code can be added:

  • within a page in an Embed component, but if you copied, the page, you may have copied it already
  • in the Page Settings, there are 3 areas for custom codes
  • in Site’s settings, custom code tab, also 2 areas for custom code.

if you have copied the content of the page, you also have copied IX attached to elements, but not necessarily IX attached to the page. So check the Page IX.

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