[Cloneable] Custom Media Players & Integrating Plyr.io into Webflow

Hey all,

I’ve been seeing a lot of people inquire about custom media players in lieu of YouTube/Vimeo embeds or the standard HTML5 audio element, so I wrote a tutorial about how to integrate plyr.io into your Webflow Project.

You can learn how the project is built here:

You can get the cloneable version of the project here:

I got a few requests to write about how to do custom CSS on the plyr.io player, so I’ll be writing a tutorial on that soon! Hope this helps. :smile:


Hey Matt!

Do you know how to add multiple Plyr players on the same page? :slight_smile:

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Hey @vwis I need exactly the same thing
Did you found a way to use different Plyr players on the same page?
I want to do this with as many plyr as section in CMS. with the same button play /pause etc, designed in CMS. with for each section a different plyr so I suppose a way to make a way from a button to each ID plyr in embed code in CMS.

@mattvaru @vwis If you find something that can help me to build this, please let me know?

Thank you