Client writes captions for 70+ photos used in galleries

Trying to figure out a way to present about 70 images to a client so they can write specific captions for each photo. Then I can build out their website galleries and just past in the captions. This is to avoid having the client log into the CMS which they would not be able to navigate very well and they could potentially cause damage. Please advise, Thank You!

Hi there, I would take a low tech approach like that:

• Batch generate thumbnails of all images, e.g. via Automator on a Mac
• Drag them into a document (e.g. Word, .rtf or straight into the body of an email) and send it over to them
• They add their text and send it back to you
• You copy/paste into the CMS

I would use Airtable for the client to enter captions. One table with an attachment field for the photo, and a long text field for the caption. Then you can import the Airtable into Webflow CMS with a tool like PowerImporter.

Thank you much, I ended up just dumping all the picks into .pages. And added a line for caption under them. Thank you for your response!!

Thank you for your response!! I batch dumped them into .pages file. So simple indeed.

Yes, with 70 only this seems to me the fastest rather than trying to set up another kind of infrastructure…