Clicking on thumbnail swapping main image accordingly

I’m coming from the design side of things and am still a WF novice. This is my first real project and I’m not a developer or programmer (I understand the basics of HTML, CSS).

I’m trying to have a row of thumbnails (populated with images from the CMS collection) to be clickable so that the main/large image is swapped with what’s in that thumbnail. See image below (this only needs to work for the first row of thumbs, the “Groupings” will just be regular links).

I tried with the WF slider and tab elements by tweaking them. The closest I’ve gotten so far (that’s also what you’ll find in my read-only link below) is using the WF Lightbox. I tried a bunch of things with the FinSweet Libraries (thank you!), Sabannas tutorial (thank you!) and such but nothing seems to really work for me.

I burned so much time already, for something that seems to be pretty standard in e-commerce. It’s one of the mandatory things on the client’s website, I can’t skip that.

Can someone please have mercy and help me with this?
Thank you!

Here is my public read-only: Webflow - Ornament-is-crime_070921_2