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Product Gallery, No Lightnox, Click Thumbnail Show Image..?

I’ve been digging for days for this and I cannot find anything that works, I’ve tried several Clones but they are NOT using ‘products’ but using CMS categories or something…

Has anyone figured this out? Just trying to click ‘thumbnail’ and then show image.

I know there is a tutorial Webflow did in 2019 but that is for Lightbox… Don’t want lightbox unless you have js to REMOVE the lightbox effect?

Would love help with this, trying to transfer to Shopify and been having such a hard time.

You can look at my project and read-only but unsure if it’s going to help. Want a simple click thumbnail to see the product like shopify has here, also included in photo above : CLASSIC THEME

Do not need the ‘variant’ switcher, just click thumbnail, change image in slider, something like this…

Here is my site Read-Only:
(Webflow - Nugz [NEW])