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Clicking on an image opens a video in a modal


I have not built my site yet, still in the design phase but I was wondering if this was possible and how I would do it.

Id love to have a big image that when clicked would open a video in a modal. Is this possible in webflow? Also if the video would autoplay that would be awesome.

Not sure if this is possible or how I would go about doing it but id love some thoughts!

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Sure it is possbile, check this example by my mate @PiterDimitrov. The autoplay is disabled in most of the browsers nowadays (for good reason I must say) unless this is a background silent video which I assume is not what you need.

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Thank you so much Dram! Great example!

Ill give this to my developer!

Yes I agree about not autoplaying, but someone was worried about the additional click. At least the video will look beautiful haha :slight_smile:

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