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Best Practice for an App UI Autoplay? / Background Video

Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone has implemented an iPhone or another Mobile Phone Mockup somewhere on his/her site, where the User Interface plays automatically?

Like demonstrating how an app works by filming the screen (or make an AE composition) and then uploading the thing or is there another cool way to do sth. like this?

I did it with a background video overlay, since autoplay on vimeo videos does not work…
But as you can see the screen really has a bad resolution :confused:

here’s the preview of my site:

Would be happy to hear some tips from anybody!
Thanks a lot`!


I think the opportunity is to use a composition with interections. You are going to be able to build something cool that works across devices. Something that a user can interect with. You can obviously include video or gifs withing your composition of divs… but you don’t need to.

And Vimeo can autoplay. The trouble is you need that mobile fall back for videos.

Hey man Thanks for your answer! I Think the actions that are played in the video are far too complicated to rebuild them all with interactions (More than 5 Layers, Blurry Background Fade in, different Buttons) Would you really do this? I Think if you look at the video I see it as too complicated :confused:
And for Vimeo videos with autoplay – yeah but on new browsers autoplay is detected and stopped, do you see my trouble? :confused:

Yea there is a bit going on in the video. Maybe too much. You could always swap out the video div on mobile for a simple animation or static image?