Interactive map html code too long (svg)

This has been an ongoing issue (from what I can tell, since 2015). Webflow limits embedded code to 10,000 characters. So many people have requested a way to embed interactive svg’s and the only resource (that still works) is a 30-minute long video on how to build a map from scratch:[Building an Interactive SVG Map in Webflow - YouTube] - it’s not terrible - just who has the time? SQUARESPACE can handle any number of lines of code when it is entirely basic, yet Webflow limits embedded code for svg’s (notoriously long) and doesn’t give any widget work around?

I have tried so many methods:

Don’t waste your time with the above; none of them work because the cors are blocked.

How can I embed an interactive United States map svg into Webflow without building every element and individually placing them (again)?

Personally I use digital ocean spaces with Webflow. $5 / month handles all my clients.

Are you saying if I host elsewhere it will permit more characters and code?

Yes, host it elsewhere as a text file and load it into your page.