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Clickable Graphic Help

Hi Everyone,

Relatively new to Webflow and this is my first help request. Sorry in advance if this doesn’t quite make sense!

Currently I’m trying to build an animated/interactive graphic, which would allow text to move around based on what is clicked. I added a hover effect to each of the options so that users know they are interactive. When an option is clicked, I want the color change to remain the orange color from the hover settings. Unfortunately, when a second option is selected, I can’t get the original option to go back to its original state (white) with the hover capabilities! It is just staying the orange color.

Does anyone know how to circumvent this issue or correct some mistake that I’ve made?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Issue is occurring on the ‘Strategy’ page at the very bottom. Should be a skyline image with the words ‘Size’ ‘Type’ and ‘Approach’ on it

Hello, @eric1552

If I understand correctly, it’s very simple.

In the first link (interaction), make the other two links white (second and third). In the second link - the first and third, etc. As a result, when one of the three links will be active - it will be orange. The other two (inactive) are white.

However, in this case, most likely, the ability to hover (color change) will disappear.

So a better solution would be to make a hover animation using the interaction bar.

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Use H1 only once. - For main text

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Thanks for the recommendation!