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Click to Show/Hide Elements with Dynamic Lists

I followed this tutorial ( for my FAQ section, except I’m trying to do this on a dynamic list and I can’t get it to work. Is it something I’m doing wrong or it just doesn’t work with dynamic lists?


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Could you please elaborate on the issue a bit more… What are you supposed to click, and what is the interaction supposed to do and to what element? When I look at your page, I see all of your FAQs in rows, and I don’t see anything to click.


sorry about that, I should have been more specific.

The toggle button is the Question, and the Answer will show/hide when the toggle is clicked on.

This is the element I want to click on:

This is the element that should show/hide:

Both of these elements are also dynamic lists items, so I’m thinking maybe this might not work because the video tutorial is not using dynamic list items.

Thanks for the more specific answer. However, when I go to the link that was provided, and I go to the FAQ area, this is how your page looks. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m pretty sure you can do a show/hide for dynamic elements (I haven’t, but what I’m thinking about should work), but I’d like to understand why the example you’re giving is so different from what I’m seeing. Is the public link correct?

Your interaction is targeting the wrong element

Instead of FAQ Answer, it should be faq-answer. Also, you want to limit it to sibling elements.

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yes it is, but i was refering to the homepage faq section. @samliew solved it for me, a silly mistake by me. thanks anyways!

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This is why class naming conventions are important. I personally follow the hyphenated-lowercase option, as it is similar to a valid CSS class name.

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