Click to show element and hide other ones

Hi, the site I’m working on:
on the “Harnesses” page I am designing a products layout.
What I want to do is show information text on click and hide previously opened ones.
I’ve been trying to create second trigger in the same interaction, but it didn’t work.
Appreciate any advice.

@Alexey_Kargapolov ,

Is that what you wanted to do?

Yes, that’s exactly what i wanted to do!

Sean, sorry I missed that text is being hidden when hovering out, but my idea was to close it when clicking the next one. Well, I might use the hover approach, thanks.


I am pretty sure you can have the Div hidden when another one is clicked by effecting other elements. I am not a pro at this yet.

@PixelGeek or @cyberdave would be better assistance. Guys if you do help please let us know how it is done in detail. I am interested to know and learn as well.


Hello @Alexey_Kargapolov and @seank.

I think I can help you.
Here is screencast how to do this:

If there still will be some questions, ping me here.


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Cool, thanks for the assistance! I love Webflow :slight_smile:


Всегда пожалуйста :wink: Обращайтесь, если что :blush:

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