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Clean up interactions?

Is there a way to clean up unused interactions in a project the way one can clean up unused styles?

I don’t have a lot and can usually figure out which ones to delete but sometimes I can’t remember which ones were ones I was just trying out and which ones are used in my site.


Yep, this is not essential, but I tool would like to be able to know when/where/how many times an interaction is used. The same way there’s an indication one how many times a class name is used.


I want it too! Do we have something planned on the long term? Big projects need a function like this.

+1 for some kind of interaction management tools… especially the when/where/how many stuff.

definately have vote here.

I would like to know how many and which elements are using what interactions.

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I would find this feature valuable similar to the value I find when cleaning up styles in the Style Manager.

Thumbs up to that feature. I often have lots of interactions created and I’m just using some of them.

Would like to LOCK Interactions as well.

I tend to create multiple interactions… to test which interaction I prefer.

See this post for locking styles / classes.

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