Chinese Character Fonts

Hi there,

Want to understand whether there is a way to have certain chinese charactor Font to be installed here in Webflow while setting up the websites?

any suggestion or tips?

Currently on a very tight schedule to demo webflow to my firm. need urgent help.

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BTW, the font I am trying to use are 华文楷体, 方正兰亭超细黑简体, and 微软雅黑.

Anyone care to help me get a direction?

Is it possible just to upload to fonts from dashboard?

Here :

Ha! Thank you guys. Just found it!

Great !

I uploaded my chinese font, but webflow said my font more than 2MB.

I have the same problem, trying to upload chinese font but it’s more than 2MB.

Matrix47, did you get to add those fonts (华文楷体, 方正兰亭超细黑简体, and 微软雅黑) you want on Webflow? Can you please share your experience? That will be very helpful!

Thank you!!

你的问题解决了吗?? 同样的问题啊!!!

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