Checkboxes showing up in preview mode but not published site

Hello! I’m experiencing an issue where the checkbox icon does not appear on the actual published site, however it does appear in the preview mode.

I’m using Newleaf website template and the checkbox element is set to display: block so I’m not sure what’s going on here. Does anyone have any suggestions?

View the site here: Newleaf - Webflow HTML Website Template

Hi @Alex_Chen, thanks for your post. It looks like you might have some custom code in the head of the site in custom css set to the following:

select, input, textarea { 
  -webkit-appearance: none;

Custom css is only applied on the published site and that code showing is to set the input style of the checkbox to none, so the checkboxes are hidden on the published site.

In looking at the template, it seems the original site was using custom styled radio buttons, not checkboxes, so something has changed between the template and the current version in your dashboard.

I would recommend to remove the custom code from the custom code tab of project settings (or page settings) and then republish and see if the issue persists.

I hope this helps


Hi Dave, thank you for your response!

It appears I’m unable to view or edit the custom code without a hosting plan. I’ll consult with my team to purchase that and then try your suggestion. It would be really convenient if Webflow allowed custom code editing if a user has purchased a template but does not have a hosting plan!