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Check a box - auto update CMS field value (w/out form submission)

Hi there,

I’m building a list like app and I’m having an issue getting my head around how this specific function would work, without submitting a form.

Let’s say a user has a to-do list. Each entry in the list has an icon to click/tap to mark as complete, which will:

  1. Visually change the element to look completed.
  2. Update item CMS ‘completed’ field to record that status change.

… all without submitting a form. There is no visual submit button, just a checkbox that is checked.

Any ideas?:
The checkbox checking action by way of an icon (and hiding the checkbox) is simple enough and I can do that part.
What I want your thoughts on is:

  • Whether a form and checkbox is the right approach?
  • Is there a toggle approach I could use that does exactly what I need?
  • Is there a UI interaction that I could trigger for Zapier to identify and run a Zap to fulfil the CMS update?

I’ve actually built this functionality in Bubble really easily, with a checkbox and the items live updating on their own, however the design and responsive development functionality is so poor.
Webflow is a step above in that regard and I really don’t want to add custom code to make my responsive design work in Bubble. And I’ve got my head around integrating Zapier to fulfil the CMS data management.
BUT I’m now hitting this little issue of having to submit a form, at least when duplicating the checkbox way of working, from Bubble.

Let me know if you need any more detail.

Hey there Max. You’ll need to trigger a form submit through scripts. Say, the user clicks on the checkbox, it will trigger a form being sent to Zappier and Zappier will handle the updating of the CMS.

I have something similar on a website that I worked for a client of mine:

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Ahh thank you!
I actually had a think about it after posting this and figured it is probably easiest to trigger the form submission when the box value is changed.

My only limitation now is that I’m only on the staging plan, so I can’t add any custom code.
I want to wait until I’m further in the process before I upgrade, as I’m only on the testing/idea evalutation stage.
Hmm… Wondering if I just push forward with the Bubble version for now to get it to a working example and then look at porting over to WF once I’ve evaluated the working test and I’m ready to upgrade my account for a full build.