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Charity donation button

Im trying to create a donation button for a charity organization. the form must allow clients to choose how much they want donate and then donate it by pressing the donate button

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Your read-only link doesn’t work

That is because there is no read-only link. Also, what is the question exactly? :smiley:

here’s a link below to my site

id like to create payform for clients to donate money. the form must allow clients to place their credit card information and write or select how much they want to pay then press a button labled donate to donate instantly

Paypal can do this easily, they’ve got the option of pre-set amounts, person picks the amount or both. Other shopping carts/check out systems have this functionality as well.

You need to consider a checkout that offers the right donation features including one-off or recurring for different values. It’s worth looking at some of the major charity platforms to get an idea of what you might be missing. I’m sniffing around in this space too.