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Changing the Administrator

Hi There,

The person who set them self up at the administrator on the website recently left the company. I am able to login using their information, however we would like to change the admin info, (name, email, etc) to the new admin. How do we go about doing that?


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Under Account Settings --> Email Setting


Profile details :

Summary - no way to change administor (Like any other software/program). Change the main detials for administor account (Email and so on) and thats it.

I do see both of those options. However, the information provided in email settings and the profile settings, is different than the assigned administrator. Those appear to be more general. I should have been more specific and said project administrator.

@bpavone since you are not transferring your projects into a new account, your best bet would be to email @webflow support directly at with your issue. Make sure you provide them with the current email listed on the account and then also the email you would like it to be changed to.

This is the only way I know that you can make this change.