Changing text color for a hide/show FAQ text

I have FAQ section that shows and hides the answers for questions when you press the button. It was an already made template. I want to change the highlight color of the question. It is shown in green, and I want to make it in pink. How can I do that?

Here is the read only link, go to FAQ page: Webflow - sikkitik

Go into the interaction that’s making this accordion (the appearing of the FAQ answer) happen. Select the interaction and then go to edit (the gear icon). Select the second ‘accordion title’ in the list and change the font color to the one you want.

I am indebted to you, Sarah. Thank you very much for your effort. It worked!

You’re very welcome @talalaljadii ! Glad it worked out. It’s the little things that you miss in webflow and that will make you angry for not finding them, lol!

Yeah so true, especially for a person with no design background. It becomes really frustrating! Thanks again.

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