Changing some text in forms


in my project cant change some text in form exactly when visitor push green button (send form Надіслати on ukrainian) so mistace drop down Заполните форму and its not error message we even cant find it (Заполните форму) in our structure of website this is not error message its somethink different please help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Is this the text you want to change? This is what appeared after pressing the send button.

no. just try dont give any text and push SEND IT it yellow window comes

Do you have a screenshot or an exemple of what you try to achieve?

second thing - maybe you now why when i resfresh my page its just viev zone all time drop down and part of my form looks like blue (but in real that color effect because FORM IS SELECTED by default its look like bug!)

check this link