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How to make a section expand and become scrollable with added content

Hey everyone!
I’m really new to Webflow (and coding/website building in general) and I started working on a rough outline for my portfolio website. My idea is to essentially have 2 halves for my site where the left side remains static, and the right side is scrollable where visitors can scroll through a visual list of my projects. Each picture will be a clickable image link that, when clicked, expands into a larger section, and then that section will have a break down of all the details of that project (I want this section to be scrollable also).

I was able to get the two halves working by doing creating two sections with these settings…
Section-Left - 50vw, 100vh, position: fixed
Section-Right - 50vw, auto height, position: absolute-right
…and I was able to add the image links onto the right half. The entire right half is scrollable, and it lengthens/shortens according to how many image links I place.

Now, my issue is with creating the expanded section that’s triggered by a click. So far, I created another section that has a width of 70vw and set the position to absolute-right. I want this section to be the “final position” for the animation triggered after the project is clicked. However, for some reason, this section doesn’t expand with the content I place inside it. The width is 70vw, auto height, and the position is set to absolute-right (the same settings as the right-scrollable section), but no matter how many objects/texts I place, it doesn’t expand or shrink with the content. This also means that the section isn’t scrollable (which I want it to be).

Here’s the read-only link:

To better understand what you’re seeing when you click it, the Sec-Expanded (in pink) is what I’m having trouble on. If you set this section to display:none, you can see users will be able to scroll through and projects will be clickable. But for some reason, I can’t get the Sec-Expanded to expand into view, fill up part of the page, and grow with added content.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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