Changing Logo on Scroll

I bought a template on Webflow and am in the process of modifying it with varying degrees of success.

Right now I’m stuck on how to change the nav logo (a H2 font) once you scroll down the page ( I was able to change the logo text on main nav (it’s KW Commercial), but can’t find where to change the smaller version (currently Ferrano) once you scroll past the hero section.

Help, please.

Go on the Navigator tab, double clic on Navbar scroll to edit it. Go to the style tab and click sur display block instead of none. Edit your logo and put the display none property back before closing the symbol.

(Awww the berry pie man… and all the food… great pics (: )

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Thank you for the help and guidance. Always appreciated for sure.

Hi @chrisgreer33 @vincent

Could you do this?

Im trying to change my logo on scrolling but I havent done yet.

Any idea plz?

This is my site

I want to show my logo with colors and not white when scrolling on site.