Changing hover state of blog post titles

I’m updating my blog page from the original Technology webflow template and I can’t seem to update the hover state of my blog post titles on the page. I’m attempting to change the hover state from the blue color (from the original template) to be orange (cc8364). I already tried clicking on the title and switching to the ‘hover’ state to change the color and tried adding a color field through the CMS blog but it hasn’t worked.

Can some please advise how to do this?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Relocity

hi @Relocity your Blog Section Item Wrapper has assigned on mouse hover animation that has set Title color change. You can change color there. But this change would not effect featured post (large on top) and you need to create a new animation with identical approach (color change) just for this element and assign this to featured element.

That worked.

Thank you!

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