Hover state opacity changes for blog titles?

Hi All,

I am new to Webflow, and working on my first website. I’m using
the free Lamar blog template, and have customized the styling - just colors and font styles. One issue that I am having - and this is a learning opportunity for me - is that when I hover over a blog post title on the main blog posts listing home page, the font and title background color in the hover state looks as if the opacity is set lower than 100%, but I cannot see any place that indicates this in my tools panel. For example, Opacity = 100% in my Effect tool panel, and no effects or filters are applied.

For reference here are my styling selector trees for the blog post title in both the None and Hover states:



Fyi, I have not revised or added an opacity changes to any of the states, just color and font style.

Thanks for any ideas!

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RESOLVED: Silly newbie mistake…turns out I somehow had inadvertently set the opacity for the blog post title link to 60%, whereas the title H1 heading text itself was set to 100%. That styling selector tree is a pretty nifty tool!

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