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I’ve had a request to build a website with a certain form structure. It’s one block where multiple form field are showing. It’s a step-wise form, you fill in the first quarter of the form, and move one step by step. I’ve attached images below.

It’s a site for a transport company. The visitor has to fill in what type of transport it is, eg. the height, width etcetera. You then move on to the place where the transport has to be loaded.

Does anyone know if this is possible within Webflow or with a certain integration form service?

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You can get that behavior going using only webflow and some custom code. The JavaScript will be needed for the form fields validations so the person won’t be able to move to the next form “page” if one information is missing.

Ultimately, what I said above answers your question:

If you want to discuss further implementation feel free to send me a private message and we can talk about it!

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Does this help?

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Hi @Jeandcc and @RoseWebStudio, both help alot.