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Changing color text/logo based on BG color

Hey all,

ive been out of the webflow loop for a bit - and just popping in to do a pretty big revamp of my portfolio site - I have a question that i know wasnt available (easily) when i launched my previous rev of my site.

as i scroll down a page - lets say the BG color transitions from black to white.

-Is there a way to change the color of this logo as that bg color transition happens?
-would it be easier to do this as a picture or as text?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes you would insert two logo files. One for each different color. Then select the section you want to add the interaction to affecting the body’s bg color. In the same interaction you can also effect the logos. So hide one with the opacity as default and the other show. Then in the interaction you can animate the changes for all three elements. You can effect the text color for the whole section as well. Hope this helps. You didn’t post a Read-Only link so maybe this will give you the general direction of how to achieve this.


ah okay - sounds pretty straight forward. I figures with the new interactions ive seen it could be done pretty easy.

Thanks for the help Noah

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Anytime @Colin_Hansel