Changing color of form border when focused?

Hello! I’m using an email form on my website and I styled it to my preference, but whenever I go into preview mode and click the form (to start typing) the border color I set to white turns blue. I looked under the text fields style settings for pressed, focused and focused (keyboard) but don’t see anywhere when the border color has been set to blue (I also made sure everything was set to white that I could see). There is also nothing under interactions that I can see but I must be missing something? Any help is appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you try resending your read-only link? The current one is broken

hopefully this works?

Try going into the focused (keyboard) state again and then even though the border says it’s inheriting the white color from the Text Input class just change the color to white again so that Color is blue. I’m not sure why some styles don’t cascade down like they’re supposed to.

just did that and it still seems to be blue…

You changed the Typography color to white, try scrolling down to Borders and change the color to white there.

ok got it thank you!